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The Tragic State of Whites in South Africa


ANC is systematically forcing white South Africans into poverty by banning them from workplaces.


by Adi from

It has been nearly 22 years since the acceptance of the 1993-interim South African constitution provided the final nail in the coffin of apartheid. 21 years since the Revolutionary Marxist African National Congress took over the political power in South Africa. The party has been ruling the country with an absolute majority on almost all levels of government ever since.

Nearly every new policy introduced by government, (in 90% of the occasions with the support by the main opposition, the Democratic Alliance) bears witness of its anti-white, anti-Christian agenda. Over the past two decades, Marxist Government Policies such as Affirmative Action, or Black Economic Empowerment. have forced thousands of competent whites out of the labor market. The official unemployment figure among whites in South Africa, almost nonexistent prior to 1994, has risen to almost 10% today. Just under 1 in 5 white South Africans now live in poverty. White property owners are permanently haunted by continual threats of disownment in the name of “land redistribution,” and about 19 million acres of formerly white property has already been “redistributed” by the black government over the past 21 years.

Just in the past few years, government agencies has been pushing really hard to persecute Christians who stand up for their beliefs, even in the private sphere. This includes beliefs pertaining to child-rearing or traditional marriage. In South Africa it has largely become legally acceptable to be a Christian only if you’re willing not to act upon it. Public Schools in the country (sadly, where most whites still send their children) teaches the youth of the nation to be whore mongering, egalitarian God-haters by means of the state forcing their Cultural Marxist agenda upon the people.

Many might be aware of the white genocide currently taking place, in which tens of thousands of whites have been slaughtered over the past three decades. The slaughter still seems to have no end, and at the time of writing, at least another 35 white South Africans had already been brutally slaughtered by blacks in 2015. Perhaps even more distressing, the largest Afrikaner civil rights organization as well as the largest Afrikaner church downplays the genocide, by hinting that the slaughter is simply an understandable reaction to decades of historical white oppression that preceded the current status quo.

Due largely to low birthrates and emigration, the white population of South Africa, currently estimated at around 4.5 million (i.e. only 8.3% of the total South African population), is declining by around 25 people every day. If the Boer nation and the whites of South Africa is to survive as a people in that part of the world, it seems as though nothing short of supernatural Divine intervention has become necessary.