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Tim Wise fans shocked, after Wise denigrates white mountain bikers

Tim_WiseTim Wise is praised by the media as a great intellectual. He describes himself as someone with “advanced critical thinking” skills. He is used by CNN on a regular basis. However, he routinely posts really nasty and/or bizarre diatribes on Facebook and Twitter. His latest has his own fans shaking their heads.

He mocked white daredevil mountain bikes. Wise has been hammering the narrative that white people don’t face the dangers that minorities face.

On March 15th he lashed out at straight, white, upper class males for engaging in daredevil mountain biking.

If you look at the context of his other posts, Wise is saying that white males engage in daredevil mountain biking because they aren’t being shot at by police. Wise claims that blacks, women, gays, etc. don’t need to be daredevil mountain bikers because they are victims of violence at the hands of our white male society.

Think we are stretching the truth? Tim Wise clarified “My point is that the people who go looking for danger and ‘excitement’ are overwhelmingly privileged white men, and if you have evidence I’m wrong present it…jesus christ, find me evidence that low income folks of color go looking for death defying shit like this.”

Tim Wise’s own fans ridiculed the post. Others pointed out that much of the extreme sport community are working class and/or rural people. Others called Tim Wise a “racist” for saying that blacks are too scared to engage in dangerous sports. They aren’t people who were born to ultra wealthy families like Tim Wise was.

By the way. White crime suspects are significantly more likely to be shot by police than black crime suspects.