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Tim Wise issues call to arms as IU braces for possible violence

Tim_WiseThe last time Tim Wise spoke at a University in Indiana, some of his supporters viciously attacked a group of peaceful protesters. One of the perps was charged with assault.

Now the Herald Times reports that the University is bracing for a possible riot, as Tim Wise himself is issuing a call to arms online.

Wise claims that a group called “Daily Slave” is calling for a riot to shut down his speech. Daily slave appears to be a blog and not an organization. The group that is actually protesting Wise this evening is called Traditional Youth Network and has no history of violence.

Wise tells his supporters to act “nonviolenty.” However, his definition of non-violence is absurd. Kind of like how some central Asian cultures historically opposed homosexuality, but excused the raping of young boys. (Some US Army veterans say this is still occurring in Afghanistan.)

Recently Tim Wise publicly denounced this website for exposing his violent rhetoric on twitter. Wise says his Nov 5th, 2012 was not a call for his supporters to shoot members of the Florida TEA Party movement in the face. He says he was only calling on his supporters to point firearms at TEA Party members and threaten them. Wise claims this is “non-violent.”

Wise has also publicly bragged about “running a fake id mill” and committing other crimes.




From Herald Times (requires $9 fee to read)…

Anti-racist author Tim Wise is coming to Indiana University on Wednesday for two lectures, but a student group whose chapter president says advocates “traditional Christian values and western civilization” plans to protest the talks. Wise, who is white, has written six books including “White Like Me: Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son,” and spent the last 20 years speaking to various groups in all 50 states about racism and white privilege. The IU chapter of Traditionalist Youth Network has planned a demonstration against Wise because they believe Wise vilifies white people.