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“Whites Only” stickers in Austin were a hoax


Two more instances of “hate crime” vandalism have made national news, only to be rapidly debunked as hoaxes. Seriously, do these stories ever turn out to be a non-hoax? (This webmaster had already declared on Facebook that both were almost certainly hoaxes.)

The media loves these hoaxes. They fit the media’s fictional narrative that white people are persecuting minorities. Then when the story turns out to be a hoax, the debunking gets 10% the media coverage as the original hoax. Most people are left assuming it was a genuine act of racial intimidation.

A few days ago were heard all about Swastikas on a Jewish fraternity. Whenever these events occur on a college campus, it virtually always turns out to be a left-wing stunt. A Jewish student admitted that he made the swastikas himself a few days later.

Then we all heard about the “Whites Only” stickers popping up in Austin during the international SXSW Music Festivals. The Austin case was interesting because someone went to great lengths to print large full color stickers. They said “Whites Only” and were placed numerous businesses.

Adam Reposa, a radical left-wing activist, has now claimed responsibility. Reposa is also a personal injury lawyer in Austin.

In 2010 Reposa was arrested for contempt of court. The Texas Bar Association put him on probation.

Adam Reposa also likes to post ridiculous pictures of himself on the internet.