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3 out of 4 refugees are on food stamps

Somalians in Minnesota

Somalians in Minnesota

The Federal government has spent billions of dollars to import 3rd world “refugees.” The money is giving to profiteering “charities” in the form of grants. For at least ten years, this website has been reporting that these refugees tend to receive public benefits indefinitely and put a huge strain on local services in whatever community they are placed.

Now, the Obama administration itself is reporting that about 75% of all refugees receive food stamps. Among African and Middle Eastern refugees, this goes up to 90%. This, of course, is the tip of the iceberg. Many also receive public housing, subsidized utilities, welfare checks, medicaid, subsidized daycare, free smartphones with subsidized cellular plan, subsidized home phone, and much more. Many also receive benefits that native born welfare recipients do not receive. In Columbus, Ohio, Somali refugees are given free used minivans from one of the charities receiving the Federal grants. (Many of these minivans have been used in criminal activity).