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3rd Grade NJ teacher forces students to write get well cards for cop killer

Marylin Zuniga, a public school teacher in Orange, New Jersey, apparently made her 3rd grade class write “get well” cards for a brutal cop killer. Zuniga teachers at Forest Street School. The school is 72% black and 28% Latino.

Mumia, was part of a black power cult in Philadelphia known as MOVE. The group was involved in two deadly armed standoffs with Philadelphia police. During the first standoff with Philadelphia police, members of MOVE killed a police officer, and injured seven police officers, five firefighters, and three bystanders.

The group went on to build a fortified bunker on top of another house in Philadelphia. Police accidentally burned down an entire neighborhood trying to take out the bunker. The black mayor of Philadelphia had ordered police to take down the group “by any means necessary.” The neighborhood had been evacuated beforehand.

Mumia, who was a member of MOVE, attacked and murdered a white police officer who had pulled over his brother for a traffic violation.