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ADL spokesman denounces SPLC’s fake “hate group” map

Each year the SPLC publishes a completely fake “Hate Group” map in which is purports to show where hundreds of “active” chapters of Hate Groups are based. More and more, the map is being exposed as completely fake. The SPLC routinely lists individuals as one or two entire “active groups.” The SPLC also routinely lists groups that have been defunct for years. Often the only evidence of an SPLC designated “hate group” is some anonymous post on the internet.

As an example, the new SPLC “hate map” lists Columbia, SC author Bob Whitaker as two entire “active hate groups.” The website, is listed as an entire group. The SPLC lists a “Skinhead” group in Columbia, SC that has not been active in the state, possibly ever. At least not in the past ten years. The SPLC lists three other “Neo-Nazi” groups as active in South Carolina. One in Myrtle Beach and two more unspecified. There is no evidence that any of the three groups named have any actual presence. At least one is a group that appears to be defunct. Another one returns nothing on google whatsoever.

The SPLC lists Patriotic Flags as a “hate group” because they advertise on this website. In reality, it is a mail-order flag business. The SPLC lists two other brick and mortar stores in South Carolina as “hate groups” because they specialize in selling Confederate flag merchandise. However, neither are organizations. The SPLC also lists a Pentecostal church in Spartanburg as a “hate group” because they oppose Homosexual marriage.

Now even the ADL, a rival far-left fundraising hustle, is calling foul.

ADL spokesman Mark Pitcavage¬†was interviewed in the South Jersey Times and denounced the SPLC’s annual “hate map” as a fraud. Pitcavage notes that the SPLC listed “American Front,” which is basically defunct, as having three active chapters in New Jersey. The SPLC also lists “AC Skinheads,” which doesn’t even have a website, as having 14 chapters in New Jersey!

We did an exhaustive search on google. The most recent news we could find about actual activity by members of the AC Skinheads was from 1999. Yet the the SPLC is claiming they have 14 active chapters in 2015!


According to Mark Pitcavage, director of investigative research at that Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the SPLC has a habit of counting single individuals as groups or chapters, which can give a skewed impression of hate groups in any given state.

As an example, he noted that the American Front racist skinhead group largely fell apart in 2012 and 2013, after its leaders were arrested in Florida. Since then, its presence in New Jersey and other places has been virtually nonexistent, he said.

“The Southern Poverty Law Center’s list is wildly inflated,” said Pitcavage. “They list skinhead groups in places where there are no organized groups, but instead it’s just a couple of individuals.

“There definitely are white supremacists in New Jersey, but it’s overstated by the SPLC’s list,” he later added. “Most skinheads don’t belong to any group — they’re just part of the scene.”

While the ADL doesn’t maintain annual lists of hate groups, it does track racism-related events and criminal activity across the country, as well as the larger trends of racist organizations. According to Pitcavage, most such groups are either in decline — like neo-Nazis or the KKK — or stagnant — like racist skinheads and Christian Identity churches.