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American Renaissance holds best conference ever

The first thing about the 2015 Amren Conference is the surprisingly positive press it received by the militant far-left SPLC. The SPLC calling one of the biggest Amren conferences ever, said the average age was a lot lower than usual, and didn’t even mention the counter-protest.

In fact the counter protest was so pathetic that even the people who organized it aren’t talking about it. Prior to the conference there were multitudes of Facebook pages and pro-left websites claiming that a mass protest would occur. About 170 people pledged to protest the conference on Facebook. Once the conference was over, none of them even bothered to post pictures.

For the past several years, the radical left has pledged mass protests to “shut down Amren.” Three years ago that had 30-35 people. About half of them were from Wisconsin and Minnesota and came on a chartered bus. Three other carloads came from St. Louis, Kansas City, and Philadelphia. Plans to violently storm the hotel were thwarted by a half dozen cops. Last year the protest was down to about 23 people. This year they had 18, but most didn’t arrive until late in the evening and only conducted a very short protest.

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The revolution is getting pretty serious!