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Another fourteen black on white murders



We have been working to create a comprehensive look at black on white murders for the years 2014 and 2015. Many media bosses openly admit that they censor black on white crime. We have been working to collect the biggest sample size of black on white murders possible.

From information we have already collected, many important conclusion can already be drawn. People who drive taxi cabs, deliver pizza, or deliver other food items are probably in much greater danger of being killed on the job than police officers. The overwhelming majority of these killings seem to be black on white and black on Asian. For people who delivery food or drive a cab, this is important information that they should be aware of. They should not be put in greater danger by having this information censored in the name of political correctness.

Also, large numbers of young white males and females are being murdered while trying to buy marijuana off of black dealers. The perps never acquire any significant monetary gain from the murders. They simply kill the victim for the fun of it and to gain street cred. The media often blames the white victim and calls it “a drug deal gone bad.”

We also find that a very high percentage of black on white murders are random. Usually the perps are never charged with capital murder and in many cases they are only charged with manslaughter or aggravated assault! Since such a high percentage of black on white murders are random events, it suggests that a high percentage of white victims of unsolved murders were killed by a black perpetrato. Since random killings are more likely to be unsolved.

This is information is not being disseminated in the “mainstream” media. You will only learn about it here.

It is important that the public has as much information as a possible on crime, so they can avoid becoming a victim. Many “mainstream” media outlets openly admit that they place political correctness ahead of public safety.

Our 2014 sampling of black on white murders is now up to 412.

Our 2015 sampling of black on white murders is already up to 96.

We have also tried to find actual cases of white on black murders, in which the victim was not committing a felony at the time. We have asked the Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC], #BlackLivesMatters, and various other left-wing groups for examples of white on black murders for 2014 and 2015. So far we have only found four in 2014, and two in 2015.

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4/27/15 – Ana Charle, 36, was murdered by a black male while working at a homeless shelter in New York City, NY.

4/24/15 – David Fuller, 26, was shot and killed by a black male while delivering pizzas in Flint, MI.

4/22/15 – A father and son were killed execution style when two black males invaded their home in Metairie, LA.

David Pence, 56
Nicholas Pence, 26

4/20/15 –Aiden Louis Bard, 8, died from being burned in a scalding hot bath by his black DCFS caregiver in Deerfield, IL.

4/17/15 – Cassandra Cassidy, 24, was shot and killed by multiple black males in a car in Las Vegas, NV.

4/17/15 – Samantha J. Fleming, 23, was stabbed to death in her home by a black female in Gary, IN. Police say the perp pretended to be a government worker.

4/15/15 – Floyd Valachovic, elderly, was beaten to death by a black male in St. Stephens, SC.

4/2/15 – Cheri Amber Houston, 28, was killed by a black male in Lake County, FL.

3/26/15 – Destiny Asher, 23, was shot and killed by a black male who wanted to rob her and her friends in Indianapolis, IN.

4/11/15 – Nils Johnson, 39, was beaten to death by a black male in Oak Park Heights, MN.

1/2/15 – Lee Rappuhn, 36, was shot and killed by a black male while driving his car in Flint, MI.

11/15/14 – Catherine Walker, 38, was stabbed to death by a black female in Honolulu, HI.

5/1/14 – Harold E. Collins, 66, was killed by multiple black male perpetrators while he was working in his coin shop in Monroe, LA.