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Baltimore City Paper viciously libels female hate crime victim

This is video of the massive racially motivated rampage at Camden Yard. Hundreds of young blacks attack dozens of random white people. The extreme far-left Baltimore City Paper is claiming that the white people started it.

Now look at this picture. A black male, with a stolen bottle of vodka and a possibly stolen pink handbag, is attempting to commit strong armed robbery against a white female victims. Note that the vodka bottle is open and has a spout in it that bars use.

In the Baltimore City Paper, there was an article which claimed they were “not sure” if the woman’s purse was really being stolen.

However, Baltimore City Paper writers Brandon Soderberg and Caitlin Goldblatt, both viciously libeled the female victim on multiple social media platforms. They claimed the innocent victim was actually attacking the black male in a drunken rage. They falsely claim she was drunk and say the purse was not hers.

Soderberg and Goldblatt claim that the woman was a “provocateur” and instigated the violence! Soderberg falsly claims that she “was trying to steal” her own purse. He claims the purse belonged to the perp, even though he admits the Vodka bottle was “obviously stolen.”

In fact, Caitlin Goldblatt flat out admits she aided the perp in trying to steal the victims’ purse. She says she tried to prevent the innocent victim from retrieving her purse.

At right is a picture of the woman as the racially motivated rampage was ending. Fortunately, she was able to retrieve her purse. She has sounded off against the crude and absurd libel on

Soderberg and Goldblatt, both of whom admit being on the far-left, have made numerous other absurd, transparently disingenuous, and libelous claims about fictional white violence against black protesters.

Want to know the most shocking part? The Baltimore City Paper lists Soderberg as their “fact checking coordinator.” Goldblatt is a contributing writer. Another Baltimore City Paper contributing writer publicly praised the racially motivated attacks on twitter. D. Watkins, who is black, praised the racially motivated attacks on twitter. Watkins is claiming that the white victims started it by calling the protesters racial slurs.

Below is a collection of the online libel from Soderberg and Goldblatt: