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Baltimore public schools are lavishly over-funded

A staggering $15,483 per pupil per year is spent on Baltimore public school children. This makes them among the most lavishly funded public school children in the entire world.

Among the largest 100 public school systems in the USA, Baltimore is the second most lavishly funded. The students are 83% black. However, most of the tax revenue comes for white taxpayers. Tens of millions in funding comes from the state of Maryland. Millions more comes from the Federal government. The over-funding of majority black school districts constitutes a vast transfer of wealth from white taxpayers to black families in the United States.

Despite this, radical left-wing media outlets are demanding that Baltimore school children receive even more funding.

Lavish theaters, Olympic sized swimming pools, free musical instruments, small classroom sizes and countless other luxuries are heaped on the students. Despite being given every benefit imaginable, tests schools are dismal.

Across the country, majority black public school get more funding than majority white public school. The most notorious state is Missouri. In this state, majority black public schools typically receive over double the funding of poor majority white schools in the Ozarks.

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In the 2012-2013 school year, according to the Department of Education, the city’s schools enrolled 84,747 students. But they also employed approximately 5,380 classroom teachers — meaning they had a student-to-teacher ratio of 15.75 students per teacher.

In addition to the 5,380 classroom teachers, the Baltimore City Public Schools also employed 1,690 “instructional aides,” 422 “school administrators,” 482 “district administrators,” approximately 508 “school administrative support” personnel, approximately 628 “student support services” personnel, approximately 116 “guidance counselors,” approximately 86 “librarians” and “media specialists,” 75 “instructional coordinators and supervisors,” and approximately 1,150 workers providing “other support services.”

In total, the Baltimore City Public Schools had about 10,165 teachers and other staff on the payroll in the 2012-2013 school year — or about 1 for every 8.3 students enrolled in the schools.