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Celebrated heart transplant recipient dies during criminal rampage


Celebrated heart transplant recipient, Anthony Stokes, has killed himself during a criminal rampage. Will the Civil Rights industry and media now apologize for pressuring the hospital to deny the heart to a more deserving patient?

Two years ago, a hospital in Atlanta did not want to put fifteen year old Anthony Stokes on the heart transplant waiting list.

Stokes already had a violent criminal record and he had failed to take his heart medication on a regular basis. The hospital required transplant patients to have successfully taken their medication to be eligible for a transplant.

The professional Civil Rights Industry got involved. Fearing a lawsuit for violating the young gangbanger’s “civil rights,” he was promptly given a heart transplant. The nationally media celebrated when Stokes went in for surgery.

Stokes, now 17, killed himself during a violent criminal rampage last night. First he broke into a home. Then he violently carjacked someone and took off in their car. Then, with police pursuing him, he hit a pedestrian and then wrecked and killed himself.

The condition of the injured pedestrian is unknown.

ABC National News Celebrated the heart transplant: