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Charleston, SC media treating NBPP goon as respected Civil Rights Leader


Imagine if the leader of the Ku Klu Klan came to town, openly advocated racial hatred, and was babied and called a “Civil Rights” leader by the media.

Malik Zulu Shabazz was second in command of the New Black Panther Party under the notorious Khallid Muhammed. When Muhammed died in 2001, Shabazz became the leader. Recently Shabazz made another man the official leader. However Shabazz is still actively leading the group. Shabazz is still actively recording speeches for the group and editing the group’s publication.

Shabazz now describes himself to media as the leader of “Black Lawyer For Justice” when talking to the media. This is a fake group with no members. The media dutifully describes him as “leader of Black Lawyers for Justice” and completely ignores the fact that he is actually the leader of a violent armed militant group that openly says they are preparing for race war.

The Charleston Post & Courier, Charleston CBS Affiliate, Augusta, GA ABC Affiliate, and Charleston Associated Press Writer Bruce Smith are all giving Malik Zulu Shabazz positive press. They are all using the name of his fake organization and ignoring the violent armed militant group that he actually leads.

The New Black Panther Party advocates Nation of Islam ideology and says all white people will be exterminated in a soon to happen race war. | Charleston, SC | News, Weather, Sports