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CNN tries to blame Gov. Hogan, but it backfires

baltimore_mayorOn Sunday, the mayor of Baltimore openly admitted that she ordered police to stand down and allow people to riot. She said that allowing some violence would “strike a balance.” This led to widespread racially motivated attacks on white people, including at least three members of the media.

At least fifteen police officers have been injured. At least a half dozen police vehicles and other cars were torched. Dozens of other vehicles had windows smashed. Stores were looted.

A brand new Senior Center, that was not yet occupied, was torched. A CVS and other buildings were also set on fire.

Now the National Guard is being deployed. The Governor of Maryland is refusing to cover for Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake. The Governor says that the state assembled a response immediately, but had to wait for mayor to allow them to intervene.

CNN’s Don Lemon tried to run cover for the incompetent mayor of Baltimore, who is also a national officer for the Democrat Party.¬†Governor Hogan made Lemon look like an idiot on national television.