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Communists flocking to Donetsk for future Socialist Utopia

A Kalashnikov rifle, with Norse Valknuts and the word Berserkr, sitting on a Brazilian flag.

Foreign volunteers are flocking to the Ukraine to fight on both sides of the civil war. We have reported before that members of the violent Antifa street gangs have gone to fight on the ethnic Russian side. They believe that Donetsk will become a Socialist Utopia.

Here is the most bizarre unit of all. Brazilian Communists, fighting for the Russian side and calling themselves Vikings.

A small group of Brazilians have joined the fight, originally using calling themselves the Unidade Internacionalista Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara. Now the group has announced on social media that they merged with French volunteers and re-branded themselves as Swedish Vikings.

The group posted an announcement on social media that they have re-branded as the “Varangian Guard.” This is the name of an elite mercenary force that fought for the Byzantine Emperors during the Viking age. The Guard lasted from the 10th Century to the 13th Century. For at least the first 100 years, the Guard was exclusively Norsemen, primarily from Sweden. Later the Guard was opened up to other Germanic peoples. After the battle of Hastings, large numbers of Anglo-Saxons joined.

The Brazilian Communists posted pictures that including traditional Viking Era imagery. The group appears to have taken the name Varangian Guard from a song by the Finnish Heavy Metal band Turisas. The group used a photo from the Turisas album. The album contains a historically inaccurate song about the Varangian Guard. The band Turisas falsely claims that the Guard was an international force that included Odinists and Muslims fighting side by side and united by “diversity.”

Brazilian Communists in Donestk