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DC lawyer was lured to his death over craigslist



David Messerschmitt, 30, was a well known attorney in Washington DC. He responded to a craigslist ad for a homosexual sexual encounter. Instead two black females showed up and stabbed him to death.

The media is calling it “a robbery gone bad.” This is the standard euphemism for a black on white murder. The perps netted $40 and a bus pass from killing Messerschmitt.

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For 2015, we have already documented three black on white murders, in which the victim was lured through an online ad.

3/18/15 – An unborn baby was killed by a black female when the mother responded to a craigslist ad in Longmont, CO. The seven month old baby was cut out of her mother’s womb and later died.

2/11/15 – Frank Steinsiek, 56, was murdered by a black male after he placed an ad for a motorcycle on the internet in Little Rock, AR.

2/10/15 – David Messerschmitt, 30, was stabbed to death by two black females in Washington, DC. He was lured to his death over craigslist.