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Franklin County Speedway announces plan to discriminate against white people

In an effort to diversify the audience, Franklin County Speedway says this season’s first event will cost white people $10 a ticket, but black people will get in free!

The race track is located in Callaway, VA.

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From WDBJ…

The Franklin County Speedway in Callaway is known for mud bogging and even more so for its summer-time racing. Though the stands are empty now, this Sunday the owner hopes for a big crowd.

Whitey Taylor, the track owner, is trying a new marketing strategy: African-Americans will get in free of charge.

“Sunday afternoon at 3 p.m., all African-Americans; black people, we’re going to invite them to come down,” said Taylor.

He’s doing this in hopes of attracting more African-Americans to the race track.

“We have families that come here; they love the place. But I want to open this up. Mostly, it’s mostly white people that come and they enjoy but I want to bring in a whole segment of people,” said Taylor.

WDBJ7 asked Taylor what would happen if people of other races question why they aren’t getting in for free.

“We’ll offer at different times of the year, we’ll offer all the people free admission,” said Taylor.

Michael Via owns a car lot in Franklin County and says he goes to races at the speedway with his son and doesn’t think that letting African-Americans in for free is a bad idea to introduce them to the sport. He’ll be racing this weekend.

“I think it would be a great idea if they come out and get their experience of racing. I’ll be up there this week, driving my car. And I would like for my people to come out and support me,” said Via.

The President of the Bedford chapter of the NAACP, Robert Carson, says he thinks Taylor has good intentions, just not a good execution plan.