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ISIS takes most of the city of Ramadi

It took a massive force, spearheaded by Iranian back Shiite militia and supported by the Iraqi Army and international air support, over thirty days to drive ISIS from Tikrit.

Now ISIS has launched a blitzkrieg on Ramadi, a city of nearly equal size. Ramadi is also the capitol of Anbar, and would give ISIS near total control of the vast Sunni dominated Anbar Province.

The city is divided by the Euphrates River. ISIS is believed to control the entire Western side and most of the Eastern side. A spokesman for the Pentagon is downplayed the significance of Ramadi, while the Prime Minister of Iraq reached out to Iran for more support.

ISIS has controlled Fallujah since January of 2014. Habbaniyah, another large Iraqi city, lies in between Fallujah and Ramadi. Militiamen from Ramadi are fleeing to Habbaniyah, but could soon be under siege in that city as well.

While ISIS may have suffered a net loss of populated territory in Iraq, they still appear to be experiencing a net gain in Syria.

Meanwhile, a field officer with the Mexican army claims that they discovered the remains of a Jihadist encampment eight miles from El Paso, Texas. Prayer rugs, documents in Arabic and Urdu, and documents about the US military base Fort Bliss were allegedly found. The location is supposed to be in an area known as Anapra.

Former Army Staff Sergeant Joe Biggs went to Mexico to investigate for the radio talk show Inforwars. Biggs went to Anapra and took video of a Mosque-like building inside a crumbling village. The building looked like it had recently been rehabilitated and had walls with barbed wire. The village is inside one of the most dangerous drug trafficking areas in all of Mexico.