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Knoxville media goes to war against local debutante ball


The Knoxville media is legendary for ignoring actual racially motivated violence against white people. However, they are all united in condemning a 53 year old Debutante Ball as “racist” for it’s “lack of diversity.” These are the same media outlets that once accused this website of being “racist” for reporting the details of the Knoxville Horror. This was the racially motivated gang rape/torture murders of a young white couple. A brutal double murder that the local media was censoring and refusing to report on.

Take for example WSMD, the Knoxville NBC station. In 2013 aired a hoax news segment in which a convicted serial rapist makes wild claims about white on black hate crime violence in Knoxville. No specific crime is cited. No evidence of any crimes are presented. Alleged local “white supremacist” groups named in the segment do not even appear to actually exist. The station fails to mention that the man making the claims is a CONVICTED SERIAL RAPIST OF UNDERAGE GIRLS! The station actually praises the convicted serial rapist as a former “white supremacist” turned civil rights activist.

Obviously the Knoxville media has an agenda.