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Lindsey Graham’s most shocking comments ever!


Speaking at a campaign event Nashua, NH, Lindsey Graham made some very wild comments. He made the completely absurd claim that the US border is already as secure as it can be. Graham stated “We did everything but put alligators. We literally militarized the border.”

Graham said that as president he would not sign any immigration legislation that does not include “a pathway to citizenship.” This is Graham’s standard euphemism for amnesty. Graham has been a major sponsor of senate amnesty bills since at least 2006.

Graham attacked rival candidate Rand Paul saying that Paul is less qualified because he is a doctor. Graham made the shocking statement “I’m a lawyer. He’s a doctor. Doctors are not used to being challenged.” Graham then said that Paul is targeting “kids who smoke dope in their parents’ basement.”

Graham then posted that his campaign is fueled by “pro-Israel funding,” and said “I may have the first all-Jewish cabinet in America.” Graham was one of the leading advocate of US programs to arm Sunni Jihadists in Libya and Syria. Many of the people armed are now fighting for Islamic Front, al-Qaeda, and ISIS.

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