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Mother searches for justice after son murdered in racial hate crime in SC

rp_hatecrime1.jpgWilliam Chase Pearson, a twenty year old white male, was murdered by three black males in Denmark, SC on March 29, 2014. A second white male victim is permanently debilitated and a third white male victim was severely injured.

Numerous evidence links three brothers to the crime. The mother of the deceased victim says that law enforcement has done little and the perps still walk free. The three white victims believed they were going to buy marijuana from one of the victim’s co-workers.

The murder generated almost no media coverage whatsoever. There were some tiny blurps calling it a “shootout over a drug deal.” The local Sheriff is quoting saying it was “a drug deal gone bad.”

This website has documented dozens of black on white murders, in which the white victims were offered marijuana for sale and then murdered. The same thing happened in Charleston, SC within the past year as well.

The following is from the mother of the William Pearson:

My son and 2 friends (white) were buying marijuana from a guy my son worked with. My son was in passenger seat. Three black males (I only know name of the one that shot my son) walked up to car, pulled guns, and demanded money. After my son tried to move the barrel, one of the perps unloaded gun. My son was killed. Then one or both of the other perps shot the driver, and his brother in the backseat. One brother remained in a coma for months, and now has mind of a 3 year old. The brother in the back seat was shot once. The perpetrators drove off and circled around and hit brother in backseat. The coroner said the truck was riddled with bullets. My son had never even had so much as a parking ticket.

All 3 suspects are felons and Xavier Washington was incarcerated less than year earlier. The three suspects are all brothers. My son’s murder was March 29, 2014. Something is up. The police arrived at the crime scene where 2 of the 3 brothers were apprehended with their guns. Xavier fled scene and was apprehended later with no gun. All 3 felons were questioned and released a few hours later!!!!

I am dumbfounded. The detective checked my sons bank records and saw where he had withdrawn $400. Xavier was found with $400,00. My son lost his life for $400. First they said they were waiting on forensics. South Carolina Law enforcement nor the detective will tell me anything except that they haven’t decided if they were going to press charges. Also my ex-husband and I were told from day by the detective that Xavier admitted to shooting my son. Then 6 months later the story changed. I asked if they watched the interrogation since I know they were always recordered. I was told that they did not tape it. The detective told us that he knew he did it but they only had one chance so they wanted to do things right. This is ludacris. I can’t count how many news articles I have seen with nearly identical circumstances, yet with everyone, they were in jail within 1-3 days. Never have I heard of this kind of injustice. I won’t let this go, however I don’t have $10k for an attorney. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.