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NC man hospitalized after racially motivated lynching


Statesville, NC was the scene of a brutal racially motivated mob attack. Now the media is trying to cover it up. If the races were reversed, it would be the biggest news story in the USA.

Joshua Murdock was leaving a store when a large group of young black males attacked him. The assault was completely unprovoked. Most local media are censoring the race of the perps and calling it “a robbery.”

Each week, large numbers of whites are being attacked in unprovoked racially motivated hate crimes. The media does not want you to know about it. Many major media bosses even openly admit that they censor black crime in their publications.

From Statesville Record…

A trip to the store turned into a nightmare for Joshua Murdock on Monday night.

The Statesville man was pummeled by anywhere from six to eight assailants — an assault that put him in the Intensive Care Unit at Davis Regional Medical Center for two days.

According to Murdock, he rode his son’s scooter to a store on Newton drive on Monday, and as he was leaving, noticed a group of 15 to 20 young men in the parking lot.

“One of them asked me if he could ride the scooter,” Murdock said.

He told the man no and continued on his way home, crossing the street and riding down Park Drive. Murdock said he was about a tenth of a mile down Park Drive when he felt something hit him in the back.

“The next thing I know I was getting jumped on by eight or 10 of them,” he said.