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Near fatal racial hate crime mob attack in Baltimore suburb


A 61 year old white man was attacked at random by a large groups of black teenagers. He was horrifically beaten and nearly killed. The attack took place on Wednesday, April 22nd.

The attack occurred in the suburban community of Dundalk, which is only 11% black. However, the perpetrators live in Baltimore. They came from nearby Baltimore Community High School, which is an 89% black charter school.

Police have arrested a 17 year old black male and a 15 year old black female.

The media is completely censoring the attack. Every single Baltimore media outlet is censoring the race of the perpetrators. If the races had been reversed, this would be the biggest news story in the USA.

The victim witnessed two black females engaged in a fight and rolling against his truck. He went outside to try to stop them. He was them surrounded by black perpetrators and beaten almost to death.

The attack prompted 200 people to attend a forum and vent their outrage at the crime. This too was also censored.

Residents of Dundalk, who live near the Baltimore High School, say students routinely commit crimes in their community.

From Baltimore Sun…

Officials at Baltimore Community High School, an alternative city high school near the county line, acknowledged that students were involved in the altercation. Neighbors have complained about unruly students walking from the school to Maryland Transit Administration bus stops.

Wednesday’s meeting was organized by the Harbor View Neighborhood Association. Melissa Allen, vice president of the association, said the injured man has been released from the hospital and is recovering.

Principal Leslie N. Lewis apologized for greeting neighbors under “unfortunate circumstances.”

Residents took turns at a microphone detailing problems they blamed on students: trash in their yards, cars damaged, kids walking in the middle of the street, an incident in which rocks were thrown at a dog.

John Lewis, who lives on 45th Street, said students should not be allowed to walk to the bus stops unsupervised.

“Students are basically left to their own devices,” he said.

Some suggested more police patrols at the school and having buses take students directly to the school would help.

At times, the meeting was tense. Lewis apologized for students’ actions and explained steps the school would take — such as having more police at dismissal — but she was interrupted several times by yelling. School officials threatened to have people removed if they didn’t calm down.

One man yelled to applause: “Close the building down! Move it out!”