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Racially motivated mob attacks in Charleston, SC


About 60 blacks males rioted in Charleston, SC and brutally attacked random white people on Saturday night. It hardly received any press.

The perpetrators had just left a birthday party at a YWCA center in downtown Charleston. They blocked traffic, beat on cars, mugged people, and brutally pummeling multiple random white victims. The victims even included an elderly woman.

Numerous people called 911, however the police seem to have treated the situation with kid gloves. Despite the brutality of the crimes. Only one person was arrested.

From Charleston Post & Courier…

The teens came out of a party at the YWCA on Coming Street about 12:30 a.m. and hit the streets. Groups not associated with the YWCA rent the facility.

The motto of the YWCA is “Empowering Women and Eliminating Racism.” The organization sponsors the annual local celebration of Martin Luther King Jr., who preached nonviolence.

Garcia Williams, the YWCA’s director, did not return several messages asking if she had learned anything about why the teens broke out in violence after the party or who organized the event. Dot Scott, the leader of the Charleston chapter of the NAACP, said she had not heard anything to explain why the teens went on a rampage but was shocked by it.

“I have no idea whatsoever,” she said. “It just seems unusual that folks would attack people that way. It’s atypical.”

“There’s like 50 black kids outside, and they’re getting into a fight,” she told the operator. “Oh, my God, there’s blood everywhere. … Look at all that blood.”

Another young woman called to say she was standing at the intersection.

“They’re just in the street screaming and yelling,” she said. “I want to say 60 people.”

Terror could be heard in the voices of many of the callers, including a man who called from his car and said he was being blocked by about 50 teens.

“They just smacked my car,” he told the operator. “I’m flooring it in reverse. This is just ridiculous. … I’m getting the hell out of here, man. They just smacked another car.”

He said a group began beating a man.

“They’ve got a dude down on the ground,” he said. “There’s like five of them punching the dude. … There’s a guy taunting me. I couldn’t make the green light because he was standing in the intersection taunting me. It’s pretty terrifying, man.”

A pizza delivery man was attacked in his car about 1:15 a.m. on Sumter Street. A group blocked him from crossing Rutledge Avenue. He reported that a male attacker jumped on the hood of his car, and after he opened his door, others began punching him.

The latest happened to a man getting out of a cab on Rutledge Avenue about 2 a.m. He said a large group of males and females under 20 years old approached him and his girlfriend. He was punched several times.

A group beat two men in the face while the victims were walking along Vanderhorst Street about 1 a.m. One teen was arrested Monday in that attack, and more arrests are possible.

Jordan Q. Hall, 17, of Chapel Street, a ninth-grader at Burke High School, faces two counts of second-degree assault and battery by mob.

The felony charge is punishable by three to 25 years in prison. The elevated charges are related to the suspect being part of a mob causing “serious bodily injury,” according to the S.C. Code of Laws.

One man’s nose was broken, causing severe bleeding, according to an incident report.

Another victim was diagnosed with a facial fracture near his left eye and suffered swelling and bruising to his head after Hall repeatedly struck him with closed fists, according to the arrest affidavit. He identified Hall in a six-person photographic lineup.