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Shock as black judge expresses racial solidarity with black home invader



Black judge accuses white victims of “fostering those type of stereotypes” against black males. Refuses to send violent armed home invader to prison.

A black Circuit Court Judge in Louisville, KY prompted outrage after he expressed racial solidarity with an armed black home invader and chastised the victims. In 2013, two black males stormed into the home of a white family and terrorized them at gun point.

Judge Olu Stevens was handling a sentencing hearing for Gregory Wallace, one of the two perpetrators. The family made a victim impact statement about the trauma that had been inflicted on their daughter, who was three years old at the time. The family testified that two years later, she is still terrified of black males.

Judge Olu Stevens, who is black, then chastised the victims and expressed racial solidarity with the confessed perpetrator. The judge suggested that it was the fault of the victims that their daughter was afraid of black males. Then he refused to sentenced the violent gunman to prison. Stevens would only sentence the thug to probation, so he can potentially victimize many more people.

Stevens said the white victims were fostering negative stereotypes about black males and that the violent home invader “deserved a second chance.” Stevens said he was “deeply offended” by testimony given by the white victims.

We often hear about black jurors refusing to convict black perps who commit crimes against white people. Now we have a black judge that is refusing to sentence a violent black criminal to prison.

For Judge Olu Stevens, race trumps justice hands down! If the races had been reversed, this would be the biggest news story in the USA. Only the New York Daily News was critical of the judge. Other media outlets simply reported it like it was normal behavior for a black judge.

Many residents of Jefferson County, Kentucky are calling for the removal of Judge Stevens.