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Shocking new video of large scale racially motivated attack at Camden Yard


Man with an stolen open Vodka bottle, and a stolen pink handbag, tries to take another woman’s purse. Dozens of white people were attacked and/or robbed at Camden Yard.

Note: The extreme far-left Baltimore City Paper is defending, YES DEFENDING, the black perpetrators. The paper says the white victims started it. The article even stated that they are “not sure” if the perp in the photo above is actually trying to steal the victims’ purse! The victim, who is having her purse stolen sounded off on

This video was taken at the bars right outside Camden Park. Smaller bits of video of this attack have already surfaced. None showed how big the attack really was.

Hundreds of young black males launch a completely unprovoked large scale mob attack on dozens of white pedestrians. First they tear apart barricades set up by police. They the begin beating stray white pedestrians in the street. Then hundreds of people start hurling objects at the the crowd of white people along the sidewalk.

Several female victims were attacked and robbed of their possessions.

As the white people rush inside of the bars, the perpetrators begin smashing the windows and destroying patio furniture. They also smashed the windows of parked cars and looted any valuables inside the cars.

At this point, the gates of the baseball stadium were closed and attendees were asked to stay inside the stadium.