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Two Italian states are now refusing to house new illegal aliens

Two northern Italian states, Veneto and Lambardy, are both refusing to house any more illegal aliens. Veneto, which is also trying to secede from Italy, began refusing illegal aliens months ago.

Ever since the US sponsored Jihad in Libya, illegal alien boat people from all over Africa have been using Libya as a launching point to reach Italy.

Tensions over illegal aliens soared even higher yesterday, after illegal alien Jihadists were arrested for murdering a dozen illegal alien Christians on a boat while at sea.


The Italian state of Lombardy is making headlines for refusing emergency accommodation to migrants, after a request was submitted by the Interior Ministry. It’s the second region to do so after Veneto.

The ministry appealed to Lombardy, Piedmont, Veneto, Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna, Campania, Puglia, Lazio and Marche to allocate several thousand places to house new arrivals – some, more than others. But not everyone is excited about the prospect.

The reason, according Roberto Maroni, the president of Lombardy and founder of the anti-immigration Northern League told TGCom24, is that “we don’t want an invasion.”

The same message was voiced by Luca Zaia, who said there is “no space” for them.

In stark contrast to the two states, Basilicata promised it would “double the number of migrants,”President Marcello Pitella said. The same commitment was voiced by Bologna mayor, Virginio Merola, in the state of Emilia Romagna:

“In my opinion, given the extent of the number of arrivals, we need an effective change of pace in order to give a useful solution to those who arrive in our country, as well as to change the climate of exasperation agitated by the xenophobic right,” he said.

The comments come amid heated European debate over immigration, which is particularly salient in Italy – its coast is easily accessible from Africa, where some 8,500 migrants had to be rescued and housed between Friday and Monday. And on Sunday, a tragedy claimed the lives of about 400 people when their boat capsized off the coast of Libya. Transportation is often less than ideal in these situations.