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When fleeing suspect kill



In the past week, we have seen two people killed by suspects fleeing from the police in their car. In both instances, the perp is a black male and the victim is white. We also documented three cases from late 2014. In each case the perp is black and the victim is white.

If a white police officer kills a violent fleeing suspect, it is a national news story for weeks. If a black suspect murders an innocent white person, it is a non-story. The media says “wrong place at the wrong time.”

4/11/15 – Aaron Jerome Davis was killed when a black male hit him with his car in St. Petersburg, Florida. The suspect was drunk and fleeing from police. Another victim was injured.

4/10/15 – Matthew John Smith, 31, was killed when a black male wrecked his car into him in Lakeland, FL. The suspect was fleeing from police in a stolen car after committing a series of other crimes.

11/25/14 – Stephen M. Fox, 58, was killed when a black male hiy him with his car in Dallas, TX. Two other people were injured. The perp was fleeing from police.

10/5/14 – Fransesca Vitale Weatherhead, 25, was killed when a black male slammed into her car in Redford Township, MI. The perp is a career criminal who was fleeing from police.

9/4/14 – Heather Cater, 22, was killed in Little Rock Arkansas, when her car was hit by a black male fleeing from police.