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Witness says taser discharged during struggle between Scott and Slager

Video stills appears to show taser wire going from Slager’sleft leg, over Slager’s arm and towards Walter Scott In some frames, a black object is seen being drug behind Scott’s leg.

The first statement from Pierre Fulton, the passenger of Walter Scott has been published. He only says that he heard a taser right before the gunshots. This supports the claim by Officer Slager that there was a struggle over his taser.

Photo stills showing taser wire leading from Walter Scott to Officer Slager.

More of Pierre Fulton.

From Charleston Post & Courier…

Fulton, 30, has not publicly spoken since Scott’s death but opened up to his attorney Mark Peper about what happened so that “the story can start becoming about Walter again.”

“Are they pulling me?” Fulton recalled Scott asking after he saw the blue lights.

Scott pulled over but soon after, he bolted. Fulton remained in the car.

“He could then hear what he knew to be the sound of a Taser because it sounded like electricity,” Peper described. “Then he heard a bunch of gunshots. He did not realize in that moment that Walter was dead.”

It would be hours before his client learned that Scott had been fatally shot in the back by Slager as he ran down a nearby lot, out of view from the car.

Peper said immediately after hearing the gunshots, Fulton began trying to call his mother and sister and sat in the car “in shock.”

Eventually a North Charleston police officer pulled up, patted him down and placed him in the back of a cruiser.

He waited there for two hours before being taken to City Hall and then back to Remount Road, all the while still wondering what happened and being told nothing, Peper said.

When he was taken back to Remount Road, he gave a State Law Enforcement Division agent a statement and then was taken back to City Hall and released to his mother.

“No one ever came and told him what happened,” Peper said.

He added that his client did not know why Scott ran and never saw anything past the point of Scott running from Slager.