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Zulu rioters are also targeting white people and Asians


Recently the King of the Zulu tribe called on all foreigners to leave Zulu lands. This launched massive riots targeting immigrants. At least five people have been killed.

Most of the victims are Ethiopians, Somalians, Congolese, Nigerians, and other sub-Saharan Africans. However, it has been confirmed that native born whites and Asians are being targeted for violence by Zulu as well. The UK Daily Mail just reported on this white female victim. The South African press has also reported on attacks against the Asian (Pakistani/Indian) community.

Note: The Kwa-Zulu Natal is home to a large community of Indians and Pakistani who immigrated to South Africa during British colonial rule. Most of the Asian community that lives there was born in the area. Likewise, the whites in the area are mostly ethnic Dutch that have been in the area since the 1800s.

The Zulu king and his violent mobs seek an ethnically pure Zulu ethno-state. Under Apartheid, the Zulu were being given the Kwa-Zulu Natal as an independent homeland. They had already been granted semi-autonomy. The Zulu are the largest of ten different black tribal groups that were stripped of their sovereignty by the ANC and forced to become part of the new South Africa. The worst violence during the fall of Apartheid was between the ANC and the Zulu. At the time, the ANC was dominated by Xhosa, a major enemy of the Zulu, and urban blacks with no tribal affiliation.

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