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14 members of Waco PD involved in bloodbath


The owner of the Don Carlos restaurant has already filed a lawsuit against the parent company of the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco.

In the lawsuit, the owner of Don Carlos makes a shocking allegations. He claims that “thousands of rounds of bullets” were fired. He says that his restaurant has multiple bullet holes. He also says that four cars in his parking lot each have multiple bullet holes.

Note that none of the bikers involved are alleged to have used a rifle. Any weapon and ammo used would have been something they had concealed on their person.

Click here to view lawsuit.

What else we know:

At least 22 police officers were already present at the scene to monitor a meeting of the Confederation of Clubs and Independents.

New statements by Sgt Swanton reveal that fourteen members of the Waco police department opened fire. All fourteen have been placed on administrative leave. The police affidavit indicates that at least four of the fatalities were killed by police.

Security video shows most of the 200+ bikers were fleeing for their lives.

Video shows zero shots were fired inside the restaurant.

Video shows only one biker fire only one round from the restaurant’s patio.

The officers present included a full uniformed SWAT team with fully automatic assault rifles and an MRAP.

The police affidavit says a fight broke out in the parking lot involving as few as six people. This fight escalated to shooting. Police have not explained how a fight involving as few as six people led to over twenty people being shot, nine fatally.

Sgt Swanton says there is more video that the press has not been allowed to see.

68% of the 170 people arrested have ZERO criminal records in Texas.

Of the 32% of bikers arrested, that have a Texas criminal record, the most common charge appears to be simple possession of cannabis. Texas is expected to either decriminalize or fully legalize recreational cannabis in 2016. The second most common charge appears to be DUI.

Three of the 170+ people arrested are listed as co-authors of a motorcycle safety bill that was just passed by the Texas House of Representatives.

Statements by Sgt Swanton and others about alleged criminal backgrounds of the 170+ arrested are not supported by the criminal records.

Four of the people killed have no criminal record in Texas. One is a 65 year old decorated Vietnam veteran, who is not even a member of any motorcycle club.

One members of the Bandidos MC, who was arrested, turned out to be a 32 year veteran of the San Antonio VICE squad.