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Associates of black supremacist cult arrested for house stealing scheme


Four black males have been arrested in Georgia for an illegal “house stealing” scheme. The alleged ringleader is a Bibb County, GA Sheriff’s Deputy. He is a veteran property crimes investigator. He allegedly used his knowledge of property rights to hatch the scheme to illegally seize vacant homes.

The suspects allegedly filed false liens against a vacant home and them attempted to seize control of the home.

The suspects are said to have ties to the Nuwaubian Nation of Moors. This is a black supremacist religious cult that once had a huge property, with several hundred followers living on it, near Macon. This property was seized when the leader was sentenced to prison in 2004 for a laundry list of serious crimes. Seven black members of the Macon, GA police force resigned at the time to protest the prosecution of their leader.

The group was founded as a Black Muslim group in 1967, but evolved into a new religion centered around a belief in aliens and an alien origin of the black race. The group teaches that blacks are descendant from aliens and originally had green skin. Over time their melanin “rusted” in the earth’s atmosphere and they turned black.

The Nuwaubian Nation of Moors is also connected to the Yamassee “Indian tribe” in Georgia. This tribe is composed of black people who dress up as American Indians. It is not recognized as a real Indian tribe by anyone. They claim that the mound builders and the Olmecs were black people from Africa. Yamassee was once the name of an actual Indian tribe that went extinct in the early 1700s.


A local cop, a veteran property crimes investigator no less, was one of four men who Bibb County authorities say conspired to cash in.

Last week at a $140,000 house on Academy Lane in Lizella, the cop was reportedly seen trying to have the home’s locks changed after allegedly filing false liens and possession affidavits for the property.

A real estate agent showed up with a prospective buyer and confronted the deputy who, according to Sheriff David Davis, pulled the buyer aside and offered the house for $60,000.

Someone there wrote down the tag number of the deputy’s unmarked car and reported the encounter.

The cop, Albert Gordon Murray, 53, who lives in a $110,000 house on Crestwood Trail near Lake Tobesofkee, was jailed Wednesday and also fired.

Murray became a Macon police officer in 2001 and had been a sheriff’s deputy since the departments merged in January 2014.

He and three other men are charged with making false statements and writings, and Murray is charged with violating his oath as a lawman.