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GA Sheriff critically wounds innocent female for no reason. Media Blackout


Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill shot forty three year old Gwenevere McCord in the stomach and critically injured her on Sunday.

McCord is a Real Estate agents who was showing a model home at the time. She is not a suspect in any crime. No reason has been given for the shooting. Hill refused to cooperate with investigators, but was allowed to walk away from the scene of the crime. He has yet to be charged or arrested. Investigators still say they have still not interviewed Hill.

Hill is black and McCord are both black. The county is two thirds black and only 18% white. The media and authorities are treating Hill with absolute kid gloves.

If Hill had been a white man, this would be the biggest news story in North America right now. Two hundred reporters would be camped out all over Clayton County. There would be round the clock updates on every news network. Instead it is a non-story.

In 2012¬†Victor Hill was charged with 27 counts of corruption. Despite the fact that prosecutor was black, Hill told the mostly black jury that he was the victim of a conspiracy at the hands of the white man. His lawyer told the jury “There’s been a sea of whiteness casting allegations against him.” The mostly black jury acquitted Hill on 25 charges and was hung on two charges.