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Brutal racial hate crime mob attack in Anchorage, Alaska


The nationwide trend of racially motivated black on white mob attacks has come to Alaska. A 43 year old bicyclist was horrifically attacked and seriously injured by three black male teenagers.

A 15 year old suspect bashed the victim in the face with a large stick as he road by on his bike. The victim had serious injuries to his face. The perps did not even bother to rob the victim. They just walked away. The desire to severely injure a white male, for the fun of it, was the only motive.


The 43-year-old told police he was biking to work around 8:45 a.m., traveling east near the Goose Lake overpass, when he came upon three young black males who were walking on the bike trail.

One was using a 5-foot-long tree branch as a walking stick.

“As the cyclist passed, the male swung the branch directly into the victims face,” police wrote.

The victim lost control of his bike and crashed, and the three young males walked away and disappeared into a neighborhood near East High School.

All three are described as black males with medium complexion.

The victim described the assailant as about 15 years old, medium build, and with short hair. His acquaintance was described as approximately 17 or 18, 6 feet tall, with short hair on the side and curly hair on top. No description of the third suspect is available.

The victim suffered a broken nose, fractured skull, and a fractured right orbital bone, and he is being treated in a local hospital.

“This appears to be an unprovoked random act of violence. There was no motive of robbery. The three beat this man with a stick as he drove by,”┬áPolice spokesperson Anita Shell said.