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FOX News airs hoax story about white Baltimore cop shooting a suspect in the back

Remember when “conservative” FOX News ran completely fake news segment claiming Jated Taylor was “linked” to the Arizona spree shooter that shot Gabriel Giffords. FOX News cited a completely fake source. The story was so outrageous that even Jared Taylor’s enemies dismissed it as fake. Later FOX News doctored up the libelous claim on their website. They tried to justify the hoax by citing a fake source that didn’t really exist.

That was back in 2011, but here we see FOX News pulling the same kind of stunt. They interview a black female Baltimore resident who has supposedly just witnessed a white Baltimore police officer shoot a black male suspect in the back. During the segment, the interviewer says he has confirmed with police that the suspect was killed in a police-involved shooting. FOX News Mat Shepard claims that he has confirmed that a police involved shooting took place.

The entire segment is a hoax! No shots were even fired. There was no police involved shooting. The suspect in question is apprehended unharmed.

Shame on FOX News.