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Greenville, SC woman nearly killed in racial hate crime attack


Christy Fowler, 35, was brutally attacked while riding her bicycle late at night in Greenville, SC. She nearly died. The perpetrator is a black male.

While Fowler was riding her bike, the perp got out of a car and brutally bashed her face. She has broken facial bones.

Twenty year old Horatio Lontres Williams has been charged. Friends of Fowler say they don’t know who Williams is and that she had no connection to him. Racial hatred was probably the primary motive for the attack. Fowler is a local country singer that performs at bars in Greenville.

South Carolina is becoming the scene of an increasing large number of racially motivated hate crime against white people. Recently about sixty black teenagers attacked multiple random white victims in Charleston, SC while screaming racial abuse.

The notoriously left-wing WYFF, Channel 4 Greenville, SC, censored the attack on Fowler. WYFF openly admits to censoring to black crime. This webmaster once led a large protest outside of the WYFF studio. | Charleston, SC | News, Weather, Sports