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Horrific racially motivated attack in Jacksonville, Texas

rp_hatecrime1.jpgA white male was horrifically beaten by a mob of black males outside a Taco Bell in Jacksonville, TX. Part of the assault was captured on video. The victim is brutally stomped while laying on the ground.

The victim apparently had two other white friends that were attacked off camera.

Jacksonville, TX police are aggressively downplaying the brutal assault and issued an insulting statement blaming the victim. In an official statement police insinuate that the victim’s “loose mouth” incited the attack.

The perpetrators, who are facing assault charges claim that the victim called them a racial slur. It is common for perpetrators of violent racial hate crimes to make this allegation. Often it is a completely false claim.

If the races had been reversed, this would be a national news story. There is little doubt that the attack was motivated by racial hatred of white people. In the channel 19 video below a black clerk at a local store expresses solidarity with the attackers and says the white victim had it coming.

From Jacksonville, Texas PD…

One thing I want to be clear about is that this was not a roaming band of black males assaulting white males and this incident was precipitated by one of the White suspects. Alcohol was also involved.

While I personally find it cowardly that several people were involved in the assault on the young man on the ground please let me point out that this seven second video contains no audio so we have no way of knowing what the male on the ground was saying at the time or if he was making the problem worse. Officers talked to him at the scene and he refused to file any charges. This victim had two friends with him.

One was engaged in a fight off camera and the other was leaving the scene.

People need to know that this is not Ferguson, Chicago or any other place. It is Jacksonville Texas and this entire episode could easily have been avoided had it not been for alcohol and loose mouths.

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