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Jaquise Lewis shooting ruled justifiable self-defense


Last March in Albuquerque, NM, a group of black males asked a smaller group of white skateboarders to borrow a skateboard at a skatepark. The whites generously offered to share a skateboard. However, when the whites wanted the skateboard back, they were brutally attacked instead.

Jaquise Lewis, a 17 year old black male, then opened fire hitting multiple victims. One of those victims was left paralyzed from the waist down. A victim pulled his own gun and shot Lewis, killing him.

The local media ran completely fake new segments aggressively portraying Lewis as the innocent victim of a racially motivated white on black hate crime.

In fact, Lewis was on house arrest for shooting another person in the butt just days earlier. On March 1st, Lewis shot a 14 year old friend in the butt, supposedly by accident. He was not supposed to leave his house the night he was killed. The media systematically painted a completely false picture of Lewis. The media also claimed that a memorial for Lewis had been torched. Police believe this is also a hoax.

Now the truth has come out. Police have ruled that the shooting was justifiable self-defense. Police say the white victims have all cooperated, while many of the black perpetrators are still unidentified and at large.

So eight weeks later, we learn from police that a story reported as a white on black hate crime, was actually a black on white hate crime. One of the white victims was left crippled. As far as we can tell, he has never been profiled by the local media. Not one segment.