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MEDIA HOAX! Anti-gay attack, was actually a black on white racial attack


Another media hoax collapses. A homosexual black male brutally attacked two white homosexual men with a chair inside a NYC restaurant. One of the victim’s had accidentally knocked over a drink belonging to the perpetrator. The “mainstream” media gleefully called it an “anti-gay hate crime.” The crime was hyped as proof of anti-gay violence right in the heart of a heavily gay area of NYC.

Except the perpetrator is also homosexual. In reality it was a black on white racial hate crime. But black on white hate crimes are not newsworthy.

In fact, the perpetrator yelled “white faggots” at the victims. Suggesting that the attack was racially motivated. But the media mostly censored the “white faggots” slur to distort the story and falsely create the narrative that suited their agenda.

Friends of the perpetrator have taken to social media to defend him. They say the black male is gay and that the white males initiated the confrontation.