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Murdered shelter worker had repeatedly asked for more security


Ana Charle would probably be alive today had the New York City Department of Homeless Services not ignored her repeated requests for more security.

From Inquisitor…

In a related report by the Inquisitr, reports say that West Spruill had Ana Charle killed after being forced to strip naked in the car. When Charle decided to fight back against her assailant before he could rape her, she was able to break free long enough to try and make a run for it. As Charle ran through the street naked during the early evening, Spruill chased her down while similarly lacking clothing.

When he could not catch her, he ended the chase by allegedly raising his .40-caliber handgun and shooting Charle three times — once in the head, a second in her cheek, and the third in her chest.

“The victim fell to the ground, and the defendant stood over her, shooting her multiple times,” said assistant District Attorney Georgia Barker.

Before her death, Charle had expressed concerns to friends about the security of the Bronx homeless shelter and was actively looking for another job.

“She was trying to leave because it was becoming so unsafe,” said Gary Alcindor, a former boyfriend, according to the New York Times. “She was in the interview process. She had started to coach her assistant to replace her. She was looking for other jobs.”

Project Renewal Shelter serves many people who are battling addiction and mental illnesses, and police officers have received hundreds of 911 calls related to the Bronx homeless shelter. Due to this history, community leaders requested a greater security presence from NYC Department of Homeless Services officials four months before West Spruill allegedly killed Ana Charle in such a horrific fashion. Unfortunately, these requests were denied.