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Myrtle Beach braces for black bike week

For years, Myrtle Beach has experienced an annual weekend of mayhem known as “Black Bike Week.” The violence got so bad that many businesses began closing shop on this weekend. Many restaurants experiences large numbers of customers running away without paying. Some Motels reported large amounts of criminal vandalism.

So the NAACP sued the city of Myrtle Beach and several businesses. The NAACP began their annual “Operation Bike Week Justice” in 2005 to intimidate business owners into excusing criminal behavior by black tourists.

The end result was five separate shootings with eight victims in 2014. Three people were killed. The three victims who died were members of the Summerville, SC based gang. They went to Myrtle Beach to sell drugs during black bike week. Instead they were attacked by a local Myrtle Beach gang.

This weekend, the NAACP is launching the “11th Annual Operation Bike Week Justice.” They are maintaining their intimidation tactics against local businesses.

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