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NAACP demands that two girls be suspended for online Confederate flag picture


UPDATE! Just days before her press conference, NAACP boss Michelle Laws was arrested for building code violations and 2nd degree trespassing.

UPDATE! The NAACP packed a school board meeting Thursday night. NAACP leaders Michelle Laws andĀ Greg McElveen delivered speeches demanding that the school punished the two girls. The school board refused to say if any action would or would not be taken.

by Kyle Rogers

Two female students at East Chapel Hill High School in Chapel Hill, NC recently visited Gettysburg National Park. Now the NAACP wants school officials to suspend the two girls after a photo of them was posted online with Confederate Flags.

Michelle Laws, executive director of the North Carolina NAACP, held a press conference to demand that the two girl be punished by the school. The local left-wing media has gleefully reported the NAACP’s narrative, as if the two girls had committed some kind of actual crime.

Michelle Laws is notorious for her anti-white rhetoric and her actions are motivated by anti-white hatred, not because the students have actually done anything wrong. She also makes a living finding cases of “white racism.” If no actual cases can be found, she must manufacture alleged cases of “white racism” to justify her own existence.

During her press conference, the father of one of the girls defended the picture. Laws relentlessly shouted him down incoherently screaming “racism,” “white privilege,” and other anti-white buzz words.

Laws has also called for affirmative action style discipline for blacks at Chapel Hill schools. Black students misbehave at the highest rates and therefor are suspended at the highest rates. Laws wants more blacks to be given a free pass, while at the same time demanding that two white students get suspended for waving Confederate flags two states away.

East Chapel Hill High is 49% white. The rest of the student body is a mix of black, Asian, and Latino.