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NC NAACP boss doubles down on anti-white hatred


Michelle Laws is the head of the North Carolina NAACP. She is the one waging a vicious campaign against two High School students who were photographed with Confederate flags while visiting Gettysburg. Many local media outlets have shamelessly promoted Laws and her vitriolic campaign to promote racial animosity.

Laws, who was recently arrested for building code violations and trespassing, has proven beyond doubt that she is motivated by racial hatred against white people.

Laws is demanding that East Chapel Hill High School suspend the two white female students. She is also demanding that UNC block one of the girls from starting college next fall. She is also demanding that the school reduce the number of black students it suspends, by giving some black students a free pass for misbehavior.

When Laws held her press conference to call for the two girls to be suspended. One of the fathers, Ron Creatore, tried to calmly reason with Laws. She hysterically shouted “racist” and other buzz words at Creatore.

Creatore asked Laws if she would take a stand against the “cyber-bullying” of his daughter caused by Law’s harassment campaign. Laws said she would. Then in e-mails, now made public by Creatore, she flat out refuses to do so. Then she had the audacity to claim that Creatore was “violently disturbed.” Laws responds to Creatore by saying that any future e-mails would be perceived as “a threat” and that she would request that the police intervene.

It is extremely common for people on the far-left to falsely claim that they are being threatened by the very people they are demonizing. It has been decades since any politically or racially motivated violence has occurred against the NAACP. However, a few months ago a Colorado NAACP leader perpetrated a hoax “bombing” that was completely debunked.

Ron Creatore is the father of one of the girls. He explains what is actually happening in the photo:

One of My daughter’s friends snapped her picture holding the Rebel flag. My daughter was on a school trip to Gettysburg for her honors Civil War class reenacting the Confederacy’s tactics during Pickett’s Charge, a famous battle during the Civil War. The flag was owned by the school, the trip was sanctioned by the school, and my daughter was acting under the direction of her teacher doing exactly what he told her to do. This trip has been conducted this way for 30 years !

One of my daughter’s classmates snapped a photo of her holding the flag and it was posted on Instagram. Now, the NAACP wants my daughter suspended, has asked UNC to withdraw my daughter’s enrollment for next fall, and has defamed/shamed me as being a white supremacist and privileged white racist merely because I have attempted to defend my daughter by asking the NAACP to acknowledge the facts.

Now the NAACP is threatening criminal action against me (see below) for asking them to speak out about the Cyber-Bullying that my daughter is being subjected to as a result of inflammatory statements being made by the NAACP and its supporters.

Please help shed some light on what the on the hypocrisy that the NAACP is displaying as they attack my family.

Ron Creatore

E-mails between Ron Creatore and Michelle Laws:

Ms. Laws,

During our discussion this past Wednesday at the public forum held on the grounds of the main administrative offices of the CHCSS, I asked you whether you were willing to take a public stand against the cyber-bulling to which my daughter was being subjected as a result of this situation that we find ourselves in. You assured me that, “yes,” you would take a public stance against this type of activity as it pertains to this matter.

Just today, I have been made aware of a comment posting on an online news site (posted by an individual with the screen name TellMeImDreaming), who made this comment: Maybe they should be strapped to a post and whipped bloody and then raped a few times for good measure… isn’t that how they would have been punished as slaves?

This type of vitriolic language is causing me great concern. The writer may claim that s/he meant this in jest, but it only takes one sick individual to act upon something like this before we have this situation rise to the level of a tragedy. And while I do not know whether “TellMeImDreaming” is associated with the students or the NAACP, I do know that you have offered to stand against this type of illegal cyber-bullying activity, and we are relying upon your prior assurances to do so in the hopes that this situation is de-escalate do.

I look forward to receiving written assurances from you that you have properly circulated your opposition to this type of cyber-bulling activity to both your identifiable and known constituencies, as well as to the public at large.

Ron Creatore

Dear Mr. Creatore,

First, being the attorney that you are and I am not, please note in full disclosure that I have copied our attorney on this email to direct you to for further inquiries if what I instruct you does not fit your cause or interest.

Second, I did not assure you of any action without your complaint or request going through the proper channels. What are the proper channels for filing a request for the NAACP to get involved (assuming you are not a member of the NAACP or familiar with our organization), all complaints and requests for the state office must come from your local branch. Your local branch (Chapel Hill and Carrboro) is Unit#5689. Rev. Robert Campbell is the president. I am also copying him on this email so that he can expect your complaint and request to investigate and respond accordingly. We don’t jump into cases without first researching the merits of the cases and of course we consider the credibility and motives of the sources as well.

It is so unfortunate that your daughter is being subjected to that kind of backlash. This is why we are fighting so hard to make sure that the climate and circumstances are not created that foster or promote hate on any level.

As I informed you during our exchange at the press conference, the NAACP’s history is based on nonviolence; I won’t tie up this email with the long history and our record but will recommend that you go to our national web site (if you are indeed interested) and read through the fascinating information we have there. It truly is quite remarkable the work we have done to move our nation, state and local communities to higher ground–one of racial/ethnic tolerance/inclusion, justice and equality. The national website is

Best to you and I am guessing it is your wife who is copied. I look forward to hearing the response from our local branch following what I am sure will be a thorough investigation by our legal redress team who ordinarily handles the kind of case you are bringing forward.

Michelle Laws

Ms. Laws,

I expected you to answer in this fashion. You rub two sticks together and throw gasoline on the resulting spark, and then, when it is time to assist in dousing the conflagration, you talk about going through “proper channels” and “filing . . . request(s)” in order to get the fire department to respond.

You did not condition your promise to me in any manner — you said simply that if I provided you with proof that my daughter was being subjected to vitriolic and hateful comments that you would speak out against it. If I felt that you had any modicum of honor in your soul I would go back to the video taken by various media outlets that were present and see if your statement was recorded. However, because I know that you would slither away from your promise even if it you were confronted with direct evidence of it, I am not going to waste my valuable time. I instead will devote my time to building things, while you will no doubt continue to devote your time to destroying things — you destroy trust, unity, equality and righteousness, while hiding behind a false facade claiming that you have an interest in preserving the very things your are hell-bent on destroying. Shame on you for being the blatant hypocrite that you are. You should expect more of yourself.

Ron Creatore


Mr. Creatore,

It is clear that this issue has caused you to be violently disturbed. I am guessing that it is because of the issue you have asked us to address regarding the allegedly cyber bullying directed towards your daughter. I think I expressed clearly in the previous email concerning this matter how and when the NAACP’s state office would intervene. Because this issue is causing you much distress and you, I am going to assume, are in real fear for your daughter, I have forwarded this to the Chapel Hill Chief of Police Chris Blue, who is copied on this email. I suggest that you file an official complaint or request for law enforcement to intervene if indeed you fear for your daughter’s safety.

You will not hear any further from me. I will overlook the personal assaults directed towards me in your email and chalk it up as a father in distress.

However any future emails that are of a vitriolic nature as I perceive this one to be will be forwarded directly to the SBI. Considering the history of the NAACP and the vicious attacks and even killings of our leaders, we take such communications very seriously.

I wish you and your family the very best.

Michelle Laws