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OOPS! Officer charged with murdering Freddie Gray is a black man!

The Baltimore Police Department has a black police chief. 50% of the commanding officers are non-whites. 55% of all new hires since 2010 have been non-whites.

So it is no surprise that three of the officers involved in the arrest of Freddie Gray are black. All six have been charged with serious crimes ranging from 2nd degree murder to 2nd degree assault. The Baltimore State’s Attorney is a black female who is actively involved with the NAACP and other black power groups.

The following is the officer, the race, and the most serious charge

Caesar R. Goodson Jr., black, 2nd degree MURDER
Alicia D. White, black, manslughter
William G. Porter, black, manslughter
Brian Rice, white, manslaughter
Garret Miller, white, 2nd degree assault
Edward Nero, white, 2nd degree assault