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Poland elects conservative president


Andrzej Duda, of the right-wing Law & Justice Party, has been elected president of Poland. He beat the center-right Civic Platform party, which has long been the largest party in Poland.

The election has sent shock waves through the EU. Civic Platform is pro-EU, while the Law & Justice Party is Euroskeptic.

Elections for the Polish parliament are to be held this July. The Law & Justice Party is expected to be the biggest party with the far-right Congress of the New Right also gaining seats.

Overall Poland is shifting further to the right. The Socialist Party has dwindled and become insignificant.

The trend is most European nations is a slow march to the right. This is true in England, France, Netherlands, Norway, Hungary, and others. The main exception is Greece, which swung far to the left and now has a large Socialist/Marxist majority.