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Racial spree shooting in Texas, 1 killed, 2 injured.


Update: The perpetrator has admitted a racial motive to police. He says the white victims disrespected him because he is black. He claims he was called “racial slurs.” False allegations of racial slurs are common after racially motivated attacks.

A thirty nine year old black College Station man has been arrested for a shooting spree that killed a beautiful 19 year old white female college student and wounded two other people. Or as the “mainstream” media calls it “an argument that escalated.” Racial hatred was undoubtedly a primary motive.

If the races had been reversed, this would be the biggest news story in the USA.

Lacie LaRose, who attends Blinn College, was at a graduation party at a private residence Saturday. They were watching the UFC match and celebrating the graduation of an A&M student.

Ronald Wayne McNeil, 39, lives in the same neighborhood. Apparently he entered the party, along with one other person, uninvited. After making a scene, they were asked to leave. McNeil came back with a gun and riddled the house with bullets killing LaRose. Two other male victims, aged 23 and 29, were also injured.

Witnesses say McNeil fired into the house through a back door and was trying to kill as many people as possible. He fired fifteen bullets.

The parents of LaRosa said they urged her to go to Blinn College, because they thought College Station, Texas was a safe place to live. The city is 77% white and only 7% black. This website has documented several racial hate crime murders from around the United States, that have occurred exactly like this.