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SC could be first southern state to fully legalize Medical Cannabis


Last year South Carolina legalized a low THC Cannabinoid product for people with epilepsy. Now South Carolina seems poised to become the first state in the deep south to fully legalize medical cannabis.

Last month, matching bills were introduced into the SC House and Senate. The bills had been anticipated for months. Republican State Rep. Jenny Horne and Republican State Senator Tom Davis are leading the effort. Both had a Democrat co-sponsor their bill to show bipartisan support. The house bill has already passed it’s first sub-committee vote 3-2.

The bills would legalize cannabis and cannabis based products with a prescription. It would create a licensing system for growers and dispensaries. It would also allow South Carolina Universities to study the effects of cannabis.

The US government has approved medications that use synthesized cannabinoids, while at the same time maintaining that cannabis has “no medical value.” Numerous European governments, and Australia, have approved a cannabis spray to treat the side-effects of chemotherapy. The spray uses cannabis that has a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD and is made by GW Pharmaceuticals. It is currently in Phase 3 trials in the United States and is widely expected to receive FDA approval in the near future.

Cannabis is being billed as a treatment for a very wide variety of illnesses. The most widely accepted uses are for epilepsy and mitigating the side effects of chemotherapy. Many Americans are warming up to medical cannabis because of it’s popularity as a treatment for post-traumatic stress among veterans.

Public hearings are being held today and tomorrow in the House and Senate. A public rally is planned on the statehouse at noon Wednesday. State Senator Tom Davis will be leading the rally.

Two other southern states have already passed “decrim” acts that reduce the penalties for first time offenders caught with small amounts of cannabis. These are Mississippi and North Carolina.