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Shocking racial hatred from an Alabama mayor

Saint T. Thomas Jr., Mayor of Union Springs, AL has ordered the removal of decorations from grave-sites of Confederate soldiers. The move is motivated by racial hatred. Black power activists feel there are getting back at white people by desecrating the graves of Confederate soldiers.

Union Springs is has about 3,980 people and is 75% black. Thomas has been a failure as mayor and his attack on Confederate graves provides a way to distract the public from his incompetence.

Last week a black attorney, Myron Penn, was caught vandalizing a historic cemetery by ripping Confederate decorations out of the ground. Instead of being charged with vandalism and desecration, he was praised by radical left-wing media outlets. The decorations were immediately replaced by good Samaritans. This prompted Thomas to enter the fray and issue an executive order demanding the permanent removal of the decorations.

City workers are expected to tear up the new decorations in the near future. Thomas has close ties to the NAACP, a group that routinely espousal anti-white hatred. The NAACP have protested Confederate symbols in Cemeteries and Museums in numerous states. In South Carolina, the NAACP has even denounced a statue of George Washington on the statehouse grounds.

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