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Shoplifting controversy at new mall outside of Minneapolis


A new outlet mall in Eagan, MN has attracted large scale shoplifting. Eagan is a city of 65k people outside of Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

The most shocking feature of the shoplifting is the demographics. While Eagan is over 85% white, the people caught shoplifting are 85% non-white. All across America, new larger shopping malls are being opened in suburban areas to avoid shoplifting. However, public transportation often brings the shoplifters to the new mall.

The same scenario is playing out in scores of metropolitan areas all over the USA.

From Star Tribune…

The Levintants’ cases stand out because they actually live in Eagan. More than half the mall’s shoplifting cases involve residents from Minneapolis or St. Paul. Most of the others traveled to Eagan from somewhere else in the metro area.

“It’s telling me that people with criminal backgrounds are coming out here to steal and to probe to see how easy it is to steal,” McDonald said.

The calls often require multiple officers to track down groups of suspects who scatter through the mall, McDonald said.

During the Eagan mall’s first eight months open, 85 people have been arrested or cited after shoplifting calls at the Eagan mall — nearly 85 percent were people of color.

In all of Minneapolis’ 316 shoplifting arrests last year, 71 percent were of people of color.

In the time that the Eagan mall has been open, 54 percent of the 66 people arrested or cited for shoplifting at Burnsville Center, also in Dakota County, were people of color. Eight of 14 arrested at the Twin Cities Premium Outlets in Albertville were black.