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The following are FAKE websites that troll conservatives

Do not share National Report headlines on Facebook. They are 100% fake stories.

The following are fake websites. The purpose of these websites are to make money. They create fake headlines that people want to believe. This prompts readers to share the headlines on Facebook. Often these sites get tens of thousands of Facebook shares for their fake articles. This generates ad revenue for the site.

The following fake news site either prey of conservatives specifically or at least tend run headlines that conservatives would like to believe are true. Some of these site generate massive amounts of traffic due to viral Facebook sharing. The owners are laughing all the way to the bank. (100% fake political stories) (100% fake political stories) (100% fake archaeology news) (100% fake news) (Articles are half fake. Takes real stories and adds a fake twist.) (Dubious sources and fake twists.) (100% fake celebrity news)

The site seems to be actively trying to embarrass conservative on social media. People think it is a mainline conservative/TEA Party site because they have a picture of Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz in their top banner. When a conservative website falls for one of their hoaxes and syndicates the story, left-wing website then mock them. has become a source of entertainment for the left.

VeteransToday targets the conspiracy crowd. Some of the content is syndicated from Russian and Iranian news sources. However, these are sources that routinely run fake content themselves. The owner of Veterans Today confessed that “40% of the content” is fake.